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Kitteredde Construction Institute works with approximately 240 AIDS orphans and underprivileged youths to provide vocational training and the practical skills needed to live on their own. Students learn fishing, farming, carpentry, masonry and electrical wiring at this LWR partner program.

The story is different in Senegal, however. There the number of people testing HIV-positive is actually decreasing. Africa Consultants International raises public awareness among groups at risk. Staff helps the Peace Corps educate truckers about risky behavior, and works with youth groups, teachers, and street theater. This LWR partner is translating educational materials including videos, slide shows and printed material into local languages. ACI is also training health post nurses to care for people with HIV/AIDS.

Thanks to community and church groups like these, yes, Stand With Africa can help win the battle against HIV/AIDS in Africa. Its a long road, but the organizations behind the campaign already have a running start. AIDS is an escalating problem for Africa that threatens life and quality of life. Elaine Richter Bryant, LCMS World Relief director, says, But U.S. Lutherans joining together to Stand With Africa dramatically increases our potential to make a world of difference in the lives of many.

In 1990 Uganda started anti-AIDS programs with 14 percent of the adult population HIV-infected. Today that rate has dropped to 8 percent. In Senegal, which began to fight AIDS in 1986, the HIV infection rate has dropped to below 2 percent. Supporting HIV/AIDS programs at the grassroots makes a difference. Theres room to take a stand. There is hope, even some that can be seen.

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