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Summaries of HIV/AIDS Projects in Africa
Working with LWR Partners

Burkina FasoLocal Integrated Development for the Boulgou Region

Partners: LWR and Cercle de Solidarite et de Developpment du Boulogou Dakupa (DAKUPA)

The people of Boulogou Region, and womens groups in particular, have organized and undertaken a number of income-generating, small-scale economic activities which create employment, generate income, and offer locally-marketable products. These groups lack capital to make the small-scale investments needed to increase quality and quantity of production and expand the markets for their products.

GOAL: To provide support to farmer groups and to womens processing enterprises to strengthen these income-generating activities and provide improved equipment for production. Provide capacity building training to the DAKUPA association in planning and management of development projects. Increased HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention is also a component of this program.

OBJECTIVES: LWRs partner, DAKUPA will:

" Build awareness for the prevention of HIV/AIDS. DAKUPA has been providing awareness-building sessions conducted by agents of local social service agencies. Project will help DAKUPA acquire their own AV equipment and train village committee health representatives to conduct the sessions.

" Organize a series of training of trainers (TOT) sessions in different program areas to develop local extension agents who can work with capacity building for community level project planning.

" Provide training in literacy, revolving credit fund management and organization and management of association level activities.

" Provide member groups with the resources needed to acquire new equipment (karate presses, freezers for milk) and structures (wells and cereals banks) to expand production and conserve products.

" Expand an existing revolving credit fund activity serving womens rural enterprises.

" Assist the womens village production groups in development of alternative markets for local products.

" Increase by 100 percent and 400 percent, respectively, the production of milk products and karate butter by womens enterprise groups.

" Assist women in increasing their collective and individual incomes by at least 20 percent over the two-year project period, to be documented by baseline information from the PRA and final project evaluation.

" Provide assistance in the conducting of participatory monitoring and evaluation.

Approved Project Support: $80,769 through 2003.

Projects: Cameroon Ethiopia Kenya Liberia Madagascar Mali Namibia Niger Nigeria Senegal Sierra Leone South Africa Tanzania Uganda Zimbabwe
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