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Summaries of HIV/AIDS Projects in Africa
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NamibiaELCIN AIDS Action

Partners: ELCA and Evangelical Lutheran Church In Namibia


Being aware of the alarming rate at which HIV is spreading in Namibia, and that many Namibians are dying of HIV-related complications, the ELCIN feels compelled to be involved in the struggle against the spread of the HIV-virus, in the cure for the infected, and in support of the affected families and communities by establishing ELCIN AIDS Action (EASA) to engage in acts which extend a loving hand towards the person as a whole.

ELCIN takes on the challenges of the AIDS epidemic by educating and training, empowering and strengthening, motivating and supporting the infected/affected, afflicted and all concerned individuals and groups at all levels of her structure. The EASA establishes support committees and startup programs of HIV/AIDS prevention, home-based care, pastoral care and counseling.


Recognizing the spiritual, psychological, physical, social and economic needs generated by the spread of HIV and resulting HIV related illness, the ELCIN shall:

" Provide sensitization and mobilization of leadership.

" Establish parish AIDS committees and/or home-based care committees at all levels of the ELCIN structure to engage in acts of divine love towards the infected and affected people of God.

" Cooperate with all institutions, divisions, organizations and organs of ELCIN such as youth and student organizations, women, men, schools, hospitals, etc. to integrate HIV/AIDS awareness, training, prevention and counseling activities into their normal programs.

" Increase the quality and availability of home-based care and community-based care in parishes in 2002.

" Promote the establishment of support groups for orphans in parishes and community.

" Identify and build the technical capacity of the program for counseling of the HIV/AIDS infected and affected.

" Development of information, education and programmatic materials and supplies.

" Organize continuous consciousness raising campaigns concerning prevention of infection in parishes and community.

" Participate in ecumenical network and inter-sectional committees to combat HIV/AIDS and care for the infected and affected people of God in Namibia.

" Report directly to the ELCIN Diocesan Councils every three months about the activities of EASA, and to the donors as required.

" Continuously evaluate and monitor the progress of the project.

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