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Summaries of HIV/AIDS Projects in Africa
Working with LWR Partners

Niger - Korahane: Income Generation Support to the Korahane Women

Partners: LWR and the Contribution a Education de Base (CEB), translated as Contribution to Literacy.

Korahane, located in the most arid part of Niger, has been designated one of the countrys three poorest regions (with 65 percent of the population living below the poverty line). This region was severely hit by successive droughts. To compensate for losses in agricultural productivity, local women made efforts to build their income through small economic activities including the sale of dairy products, artwork and vegetables. However, they lack the financial resources needed to expand these enterprises.

GOAL: The project will seek to improve the economic livelihoods of the women in the Korahane area, principally by supporting the construction and equipment of a dairy farm, and providing training to women in project management and group-based credit management. In addition, in-kind credits will be extended to these women to produce and market dairy products. This project will directly help 60 women during the first two years, and additional 30 in the third year. Their families (estimated 720 members) will benefit indirectly from the project.

OBJECTIVES: LWRs partner, CEB will:

" Conduct sessions in hygiene, HIV/AIDS awareness and the importance of education for girls.

" Build the infrastructure needed for the breeding of cows (i.e. the dairy barn, wells, etc.).

" Organize, conduct and develop materials for training in functional literacy, credit management and the breeding of cows, as well as gum Arabic exploitation.

" Set up revolving funds for the provision of in-kind credit. Management of these funds will initially be handled by the project technical team, but eventually will be taken over by women trained in aspects of credit management committees.

" Conduct market research locating other products that would be profitable in the area and build a store to sell current and new products.

Total Project Support: $70,700 through 2004.

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