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All materials are available in printer-friendly pdf files. If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat pdf reader, you may download one for free from Adobe.


Stand With Africa is a campaign to support African churches and communities as they withstand AIDS, banish hunger and build peace. Join Lutheran World Relief, the ELCA World Hunger Program and LCMS World Relief in this campaign of hope.

Launch Stand With Africa in your parish. The following materials
are available.

" Title Page with logo.

" Introduction/Launch Kit. Describes how to launch the campaign in your parish and recaps available materials.

" Mission Talk. An informative guide giving facts about the problems facing African people, plus general information about Stand With Africa.

" Worship Helps. A four page informational piece that gives ideas about how to incorporate African hymns, litanies and readings, and prayers into the worship service. It also lists other global worship resources.

" Launch Kit Church Bulletin Insert. A ready-made bulletin insert explaining the campaign. It can be photocopied and inserted in a church bulletin.

" Logo Clip Art Sheet. Various sizes of the Stand With Africa logo for reproduction.

" Stand With Africa Campaign Stickers. Two-color stickers to hand out when launching the campaign. (Stickers may be ordered from the 800 numbers below.)

" Church Bulletin Inserts. A selection of church bulletins telling the stories of African people living with HIV/AIDS and hunger.

" Campaign Materials: Articles

What Would Jesus Do About Aids?
by Jonathan Frerichs, LWR Communication Director

Standing With Africa
by LWR President, Kathryn Wolford

"The Reality of HIV/AIDS in Africa"
An article written by Asenath Omwega, LWR Regional Representative East Africa

Stand With Africa: A Campaign of Hope?
Written by Cathie DeGonia, Stand With Africa Campaign Communication Coordinator

" Stand With Africa Videos

Stand With Africa materials may be ordered from:

ELCA World Hunger Program 1-800-638-3522 ext. 2764
LCMS World Relief 1-800-248-1930 ext. 1380

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