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Stand With Africa is a campaign to support African churches and communities as they withstand AIDS, banish hunger and build peace. Join Lutheran World Relief, the ELCA World Hunger Program and LCMS World Relief in this campaign of hope.

1. NEW Hard Times in Tanzania Learn how volunteers from the Mtumba Rural Training Center bring hope to the Dodoma region of Tanzania as they enlist villagers in community development programs that produce food and generate income.

2. FSK. Farming Changed Their Lives. According to Zacharia Waititu, Its a million thanks to FSK and its partner, LWR. They have been effective in helping needy farmers of the region. Thank God for Farming Systems Kenya and Lutheran World Relief, he says.

3. SWAN. English as a second language. Imagine yourself as a Sudanese refugee, displaced and homeless in a different country from where you used to live.

4. Stand With Africa HIV/AIDS projects. Great for introducing
Stand With Africa to your congregation. Gives HIV/AIDS statistics and describes projects in Africa.

5. The story of Pamfil and Florence. The story of a Kenyan family affected by the HIV/AIDS virus and how Lutheran World Relief partners are helping them.

6. The KCI Kids. The Kiteredde Construction Institute, an orphanage and training center in Uganda is helping AIDS orphans prepare for a self-reliant future.

7. Dorcas Alombe. has lost her husband and one of her four children to AIDS. Take a look at a typical day in her life.

8. Take a walk in Roses shoes. A young woman leaves her family in the country, goes to Nairobi to live, and faces many challenges. In the ensuing months, she finds out she is HIV-positive. What would you do if you where Rose?

Stand With Africa materials may be ordered from:

ELCA World Hunger Program 1-800-638-3522 ext. 2764
LCMS World Relief 1-800-248-1930 ext. 1380


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