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Summaries of HIV/AIDS Projects in Africa
Working with ELCA World Hunger Program Partners

SenegalPrimary Health Care.

Partners: ELCA and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Senegal.


Set up and supervise health centers (health huts) for training women in basic health concepts, produce visual aids for women to teach others, and supervise and train government midwives. Develop latrine construction and train women in health education activities related to latrines. Develop well-baby clinics. Train nurses in accounting system for pharmacy. Supervise data entry. Participate in vaccination activities on mobile team. Assist in keeping records on vaccinations and compiling records for government supervisor.


" To enable health huts to become self-sufficient and run by health committees.

" To continue supervisory work and turn over health hut activities to government nurses.

" To equip women with the knowledge necessary to prevent and treat the most common illnesses and to identify those illnesses which require emergency treatment by a qualified health care professional.

" To give health care lessons by trained personnel to women coming to health huts either for curative or preventative services.

" To provide villages with masons trained in latrine construction.

" To decrease the prevalence of fecally transmitted diseases through the use of latrines.

" To provide referral services for health workers at the health huts.

" To assist in self-sufficiency of health hutsprovide medications and medical supplies through funds collected for consultation fees and medication sold at the pharmacy.

" To increase the use of preventative health services at health center.

" To demonstrate how to manage mobile vaccination units efficiently.

" To train personnel engaged in vaccinations to plan future health activities based on statistics and reports.

" To provide cost-efficient vaccination services to communities, especially the Fulbe, that are not reachable by the health care infrastructure.

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