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Summaries of HIV/AIDS Projects in Africa

Senegal—HIV/AIDS Prevention in the High-Risk Area of Kaolack Senegal

Partners: LWR and the Association pour la Promotion de la Femme Senegalaise (APROFES)

Infection rates in HIV/AIDS have remained consistently low in Senegal at below 2 percent. But recent studies in Senegal that track trends in HIV knowledge, attitudes and risk behaviors in selected groups in a population have revealed gaps in knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of the epidemic particularly in high risk areas such as Kaolack. Bordering the Gambia, Kaolack is a transit area where travelers and commercial sex workers converge, and HIV transmission rates have soared in the region. Although the fight against HIV/AIDS in Senegal represents an example of success, basic care, and support services for people affected and infected by the disease are still lacking.

GOAL: To undertake HIV/STD awareness raising activities in order to reduce risk and vulnerability to infection through positive behavior change. The project will also allow people living with HIV/AIDS to improve their livelihoods through income generating activities.
LWR’s accompaniment strategy will include providing technical assistance in the planning of the behavior change communication program, and identifying progress indicators for better monitoring and evaluation of the project. LWR will also support APROFES in diversifying the organization’s financial base.

OBJECTIVES: LWR’s partner, APROFES will be able to work in 70 villages and 100 people living with HIV/AIDS and will as a result: Improve knowledge on HIV/AIDS and curb the spread of the disease:

"50% of the population in the region of Kaolack will have a better understanding and knowledge of HIV/AIDS and will adopt responsible behavior reducing the levels of new infections.
"Improve livelihoods of people affected and infected by the disease.
"100 people living with HIV/AIDS will be able to meet their basic needs including essential medical treatment through income generating activities like fishing, small scale agriculture and commerce.

Approved Budget Support: $91,870 through 2004.

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