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SIERRA LEONEHIV/AIDS and the Church in Sierra Leone: An Action Research for Appropriate Interventions

Partners: ELCA and Council of Churches in Sierra Leone


The Council of churches in Sierra Leone recognizes the importance of the contribution of the church in addressing issues of prevention of transmission and care for people living with AIDS in Sierra Leone. The church has the obligation to contribute to the moral, social and spiritual development of society. This holistic ministry presents great challenges to the churches to respond appropriately to the AIDS pandemic. It is in this light that the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone is motivated and challenged to take social action to curb the spread of AIDS in Sierra Leone.

The churches and Council cannot respond well to the HIV/AIDS crisis if they do not understand and also develop understanding for appropriate independent and collective action. It is in this vein that a consultative meeting of church leaders was organized on May 22-24, 2001 to shape their responses to the crisis. Based on the global and national situation, the leaders articulated in an ecumenical approach, their concerns and developed strategies that now form policy guidelines.

For proper programming, however, there is need to carry out an assessment study that would provide insight into the knowledge, attitude and perception of HIV/AIDS among various groups of people and determine the factors that will curb the spread HIV/AIDS. The outcome of this action research will guide the production of resource materials and the conduct of training for HIV/AIDS prevention and management.


" To determine the socio-cultural and religious practices and beliefs that would influence the spread of HIV/AIDS.

" To assess the level of knowledge of attitude towards and perceptions of HIV/AIDS among various groups of people.

" To review project strategies for the successful implementation of a program on HIV/AIDS prevention and management.


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