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The following is a downloadable version of a new video: "Introducing Stand With Africa"

This is a four minute video that describes the campaign. It is a good piece for introducing the Stand With Africa campaign to your parish.

For information on obtaining a copy of this video please see the Resource Materials pages or click here.


"Introducing Stand With Africa" Video Part 1

"Introducing Stand With Africa" Video Part 2


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“Stand With Africa: Banish Hunger.”
A new video that demonstrates how Stand With Africa works with local organizations in East Africa to improve peoples’ lives.

"The Jewels of Katosi"
In August 2002, LCMS World Relief Communications Manager Greg Koenigparticipated in a Lutheran World Relief study tour to Kenya and Uganda in conjunction with the inter-Lutheran Stand With Africa campaign.

" African Reflections: Stories from an ELCA trip in early 2002
" Picture This: Million Thanks
" Picture This: Street Children

" HUNGER IN AFRICA. Stand With Africa 2002

" 2002 Global facts about the HIV/AIDS epidemic

" A Stand With Africa Slide ShowHIV/AIDS in Africa

" A Child's Poem About AIDS

" "Braving Aids: Senegal's Way" Video


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