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Senegal 2001


Very dynamic, very motivated, the president of a community group says of her members. They are married, they have children, they work&but despite all that, they get out and help their sisters and brothers in town against AIDS.

The group called Deggo, is one of scores of local groups leading a grassroots campaign against AIDS in the West African country of Senegal. They work with the resources at their disposal: commitment to their community, information about AIDS, and educational materials from Africa Consultants International, a long-time LWR partner organization in Senegal. Members live in the costal town of Mbour, where migrant fishermen, truckers and tourists increase the threat of HIV. If Mbour is a battlefield in the war on AIDS, the strongest soldiers are the members of Deggo, says theirACI caseworker.

Just over 1 percent of Senegals adults have HIV, a fraction of the rate in many other African countries.

See Braving AIDS: Senegals Way, a new video with study guide for the Stand With Africa campaign. Watch these women in action and learn about their success in stopping HIV.
Call 1-800-597-5972 for a free rental copy. Show it in adult or high school Sunday school and save time for discussion after viewing.


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