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Summaries of HIV/AIDS Projects in Africa
Working with LWR Partners

TanzaniaMaximizing the Impact of Successful HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support Interventions in the East Africa Region.

Partners: LWR and African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF-regional)

GOAL: Develop and document successful HIV/AIDS interventions in the areas of prevention, care, and support for the East Africa region.
Identify and document the key factors necessary for successful design and implementation of such interventions and package them in ways in which successful models can be used by other agencies for replication and scale up. Work with selected organizations in each area to develop and design scaling up programs.

LWRs partner, AMREF will:

" Develop with collaborating partners a descriptive inventory of successful interventions initially in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia and select those for future study.

" Conduct an in-depth study determining what works and what does not.

" Conduct in-depth reviews and documentation of at least one successful intervention in each category and country.

" Package as well as publish guidelines for scaling up each intervention.

" Work with selected organizations as potential implementers.

" Develop a regional secretariat to coordinate the work under this project, as well as related future work.

Approved Project Support: $91,965 through 2004.

Projects : Burkina Faso Cameroon Ethiopia Kenya Liberia Madagascar Mali Namibia Niger Nigeria Senegal Sierra Leone South Africa Uganda Zimbabwe
Other African Projects

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