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Summaries of HIV/AIDS Projects in Africa
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TanzaniaOrphans of AIDS

Partners: ELCA and Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania and Huyawa


In the Kagera Region of Tanzania, it is estimated that there are approximately 100,000 AIDS orphans, and in the area around Bukoba, about 41,000. Sometimes only the elderly and the children inhabit villages, as all the young parents have died. Life is a struggle for food and clothing, let alone medical care and school fees. Unscrupulous relatives may, at times, take the orphans inherited land and other property for themselves.

Sister Debroah Brycke of the Church of Sweden Missison (CSM) and several Tanzanians began developing the Huyawa Project (Service to Children) in 1989. As the spread of AIDS increases, the project is extended to make sure that every village in the diocese has service from Huyawa.

The Hyawa Project identifies AIDS orphans in the region, links each with a guardian, identifies the most needy and assists them with food, clothing, housing, school fees, vocational training, medical care and legal services, and raises the consciousness of the community regarding the rights of and possibilities for these children. The project provides funds for training teenage orphans in tailoring, carpentry and masonry at three vocational centers.


" To provide funds for education of AIDS orphans.

" To join with the ELCT Northwestern Diocese and other supporting agencies in assisting in caring for AIDS orphans.

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