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Summaries of HIV/AIDS Projects in Africa
Working with LWR Partners

UgandaBuilding Sustainable Community Based Support for HIV/AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Partners: LWR and African Medical and Research FoundationUganda (AMREF)

The combined factors of the Liberation War (1980-86) and the HIV/AIDS epidemic have rendered 15 percent of the children in the target areas of Butuntumula County orphans without the social support of parents and older relatives. In addition to being orphaned, these children suffer from social stigma, poverty, manipulation and exploitation. Sporadic community based initiatives which have been developed to provide support and mitigate these impacts do not have the technical and logistical support necessary to sustain and expand without these activities.

GOAL: Provide for 23 percent (1130) of the orphans in the Butuntumulas sub-county access to health care, primary and secondary education, vocational training and enterprise development support, through building capacity of local, community based Parish Orphans Committees (POCs) and other structures to respond to these needs. This is an expansion of an existing orphans support project run by the partner in Luweero District, and will bring to 40 percent total the orphans served in the Butuntumula area.

LWRs partner, AMREF will:

" Strengthen and support 17 parish orphans committees to manage the orphan support program.

" Provide for 1130 orphans, access to primary schools (80 percent), secondary schools (10 per cent) and vocational training (10 percent).

" Provide credit and enterprise development assistance to 113 orphans, enabling them to start Income Generating Activities (IGAs).

" Provide like assistance to 260 guardians and 60 POC members for IGAs, enabling them to better support orphans in their care.

" Sensitize Parent Teachers Associations and 950 community leaders about child needs and rights, and succession laws.

Approved Project Support: $415,775 through 2004 of which, Stand With Africa is funding $111,308.

Projects : Burkina Faso Cameroon Ethiopia Kenya Liberia Madagascar Mali Niger Nigeria Senegal Sierra Leone South Africa Tanzania Zimbabwe
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