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Summaries of HIV/AIDS Projects in Africa
Working with LWR Partners

Uganda—Mobilizing Churches to Respond to HIV/AIDS

Partners: LWR and Fare Ministries

By 1992, Uganda had the highest HIV prevalence rate in the world. Uganda is, however, one of the very few countries that have succeeded in dramatically slowing the epidemic, with the HIV adult prevalence rate dropping from over 30 percent in 1992 to below 8 percent in 2001. Uganda’s success in curbing new infection rates is the result of an early structured government response and high-level mobilization of the society at all levels. Churches have played a significant role in the planning and implementation of national strategies in the fight against AIDS, and continue to reach the wider community through peer education, counseling and home care programs. The population and churches in Mukono and Kayunga districts, however, lack the resources and the capacity to effectively respond to the impact of HIV/AIDS.

GOAL: To work with twenty-one churches and fifty-one community groups to promote effective home-based care services and income-generating activities to benefit people living with HIV/AIDS and those affected. The project will also allow the partner and the churches to strengthen their capacities to lobby for the rights of persons living with HIV/AIDS.
LWR’s accompaniment strategy includes promoting networking among faith-based agencies in the region working on HIV/AIDS prevention, and supporting Fare Ministries in its resource mobilization and organizational restructuring efforts.

OBJECTIVES: LWR’s partner Fare Mnistries is expected to aid a total 306 people (199 women). The outcomes include:

"Promotion of home-based care services
"People living with HIV/AIDS will benefit from sustainable home-based care and counseling services from the training of 51 community care action groups and 42 pastors, and the supply of basic medical supplies.
" Orphan children will benefit from national immunization programs through links that Fare Ministries will have created with the home based care services.
"Mitigate the effects of HIV/AIDS on people living with the virus and the community
" People living with HIV/AIDS will benefit from income-generating activities managed by 8 church groups also trained in micro-finance management and entrepreneurship.
"Strengthen the institutional capacity of Fare Ministries and the churches’ advocacy capacity for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS
" Fare Ministries will be governed by improved management structure, systems and policies.
"Improved networking among the different churches and other groups with common interest for improved service delivery and advocacy for the rights of people leaving with HIV/AIDS.

Approved Budget Support: $102,384 through 2005.

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