Stand With Africa

Join Lutheran World Relief,
ELCA World Hunger Program and
LCMS World Relief
in a campaign of hope
that begins during Lent, 2001.

Mission Talk

We often think of Africa in terms of some of its gravest problems, for example:

  • 32 of the world's most heavily indebted poor countries are in Africa. For countries burdened by debt, an international debt relief program is already providing relief from hunger and illness. This is the spirit of Old Testament Jubilee.
  • 40 armed conflicts occurred worldwide in 1999; the most of any continent, 16, took place in African countries (Asia was second with 14.)
  • Africa leads all other continents in the number of refugees, most of whom are fleeing wars.
  • 25 million of the estimated 34 million people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide are believed to live in African countries south of the Sahara Desert (i.e., "sub-Saharan" Africa).

There is more to Africa than the familiar stereotype:

  • For those who know Africa well, friendliness, ingenuity, community spirit and the joy of living are the qualities that endure.
  • There are numerous unsung initiatives on the part of African countries and communities to address concerns in health, conflict resolution and economic development.
  • Far-reaching growth in the Christian Church is occurring across the continent of Africa.
  • Africa is a continent rich in culture and has made valuable contributions in art, literature, music and ideas.

About Stand With Africa: A Campaign of Hope:

Stand With Africa is a campaign to support African churches and communities as they withstand HIV/AIDS, banish hunger and build peace. Join Lutheran World Relief, ELCA World Hunger Program and LCMS World Relief in this campaign of hope. It gives special emphasis to an often forgotten continent that is part of the ongoing relief and development work Lutherans are doing all over the world.

A goal of Stand With Africa is increased awareness among U.S. Lutherans of the type of health and economic issues of concern to Africans. In year one, Stand With Africa will focus on HIV/AIDS and related concerns. In each succeeding year, another key issue will be added to the campaign. Hunger and economic justice will be introduced in year two; the issue of conflict resolution and peace will be added in year three.

Stand With Africa will link programs in Africa with outreach to the U.S. Lutheran community to promote specific, positive and significant change in the three strategic areas of HIV/AIDS; hunger and economic justice; and peace and conflict resolution.

Stand With Africa will offer U.S. Lutherans a variety of opportunities for involvement in prayer, education, study visits, cultural exchange, advocacy and financial support.

It Starts With You

Begin by setting aside the 2001 Lenten and Easter seasons as a time of personal and corporate meditation and prayer for the people of Africa. Pray for God?s guidance as you learn what it means to "Stand With Africa".

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This document last updated: 2/21/2001