Stand With Africa

Join Lutheran World Relief,
ELCA World Hunger Program and
LCMS World Relief
in a campaign of hope
that begins during Lent, 2001.

Worship Helps - Developed by ELCA for Stand With Africa

Since worship is the dominant part of every congregation's life, here are ways to incorporate African worship elements into your services to help you launch and continue to be part of Stand With Africa: A Campaign of Hope. Many congregations hold mid-week services during Lent. Lent itself is a season with a different feel, and the worship elements offered here give you ways to create an alternative atmosphere while holding up the needs of Africa and joining members in the campaign. The Easter season, during which the church celebrates Jesus' resurrection, is also a time for hopeful renewal of partnership with our sisters and brothers in Africa and to participate in the Stand With Africa campaign.


Begin by using the 2001 Lenten season and the season of Easter that follows to pray for guidance as you learn how to "Stand With Africa". Singing with Africa is a wonderful way to begin.

Hymn Suggestions:

WITH ONE VOICE (Augsburg Fortress, 1995)

610 Alleluia (South Africa)
650 We Are Marching in the Light of God (South Africa)
678 Christ Has Arisen, Alleluia (Tanzania)
681 Come, O Holy Spirit, Come (Nigeria)
687 Gracious Spirit, Heed Our Pleading (Tanzania)
712 Listen, God is Calling (Tanzania)
717 Come, All You People (Zimbabwe)
722 Halleluljah! We Sing Your Praises (South Africa)
765 Jesu, Jesu, Fill Us with Your Love (Ghana)
773 Send Me, Jesus (South Africa)
786 Amen, We Praise Your Name (South Africa)

THIS FAR BY FAITH (an African American Resource for Worship: Augsburg Fortress, 1999)

22 Lord, have Mercy (Nkosi, Nkosi)
37 He Came Down (Cameroon)
46 Freedom is Coming (South Africa)
63 We Are Marching in the Light of God (Siyahamba) (South Africa)
68 That Priceless Grace (Ghana)
83 Jesu, Jesu, Fill Us with Your Love (Ghana)
96 Christ Has Arisen, Alleluia (Tanzania)
103 Gracious Spirit, Heed Our Pleading
106 Come, O Holy Spirit, Come (Nigeria)
107 Holy Spirit Descend (Ghana)
119 Come, Let Us Eat
130 Listen, God is Calling (Tanzania)
138 Come, All You People (Uyai mose)
144 Jesus Ose (Ghana)
158 Hallelujah! We Sing Your Praises (South Africa)
162 May God Bless Us
204 I Believe in God
243 Your Will be Done (South Africa)
244 Send Me, Jesus (Thuma mina) (South Africa)
245 Send me, Jesus (Thuma mina) (South Africa) (alternate tune from above)
279 Amen, We praise Your Name (South Africa)
280 Thank You, Jesus (Namibia)
286 I Am Thanking Jesus (Namibia and Tanzania)
301 Bless, O Lord, Our Country (Prayer for Africa)

Litanies and Readings:

The cross is the way of the lost.
The cross is the staff of the lame.

The cross is the guide of the blind.
The cross is the strength of the weak.

The cross is the hope of the hopeless.
The cross is the freedom of the slaves.

The cross is the water of the seeds.
The cross is the consolation of the bonded laborers.

The cross is the source of those who seek water.
The cross is the cloth of the naked.

The cross is the healing of the broken.
The cross is the peace of the church.

10th-century African hymn (from Prayer Handbook 1989/90, Methodist Church in Great Britain and the General Committee of the Methodist Church in Ireland [General Purposes Committee], Methodist Publishing House, 20 Ivatt Way, Peterborough PE3 7PG, England)


Great Lion of the grasslands!
Ahunuababirim: When you see him your heart thumps.
Lion of the tribe of Israel!

Kurotwiamansa: the Leopard,
whose cubs cannot be caught!
Etwi: the cat with the royal mane!
Okokuroko: the Powerful One,
among women and men, the most beautiful of all!
Lion of the grasslands!

We call to you, "Come!"

(Ghana, "Invocation of Jesus of the Deep Forest," manuscript, Christina Afua Gyan)


As a statement of African origin to read during a worship service, consider: "We Believe." This Masai affirmation of faith is found as 223 in This Far by Faith. (Augsburg Fortress, 1999)


Include petitions in the Prayers of the People/Prayer of the Church each week on all or some of these concerns:

The issues Stand With Africa will focus on:

HIV/AIDS and related health care; families with members who have HIV/AIDS, especially children whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS; care givers; people who teach HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention; Lutheran churches and governments of Africa as they confront the HIV/AIDS crisis.

People who suffer from hunger and people who do not have a reliable source of food either for sustenance or for income; farmers; for favorable weather for crops.

Creating and building peace; for victims of violence; for refugees and others displaced by violence; for governments; for individuals and organizations who work for peace.

African partners and organizations who work in relief and development to improve people's lives, especially church-based programs; for missionaries from U.S. Lutheran churches working in Africa.

African churches or synods who have special, direct relationships with Lutherans in the United States.

Other Global Worship Resources:

Visit for the following global worship resources. Some African songs and hymns are included. You are encouraged to use them with African music in your launching of Stand With Africa: A Campaign of Hope in your congregation.

  • The Global Worship Service of Word and Prayer is a ready-made worship resource you can reproduce; suitable for Sunday or midweek services.

  • Global Liturgical Expressions is a collection of kyries and alleluias from around the world, ready to be integrated into a worship service at any time during the year.

  • Global Eucharist Worship Service is a ready-to-use resource.

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This document last updated: 2/12/2001