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Summaries of HUNGER PROJECTS in Africa
Working with LWR Partners

Burkina FasoStrengthening Food Security, Oubritenga

Partners: LWR and Comite de Developpement du Monde Rural Nongtaaba (CDMRN)

Inhabitants of the arid Oubritenga Region of Burkina Faso have made steady progress toward food security: they have established 24 cereal banks. This progress is threatened by the steady encroachment of the desert.

GOAL: To reverse desertification in the Oubritenga Region (population 208,000) of Burkina Faso and to promote behavior that favors environmental preservation.

OBJECTIVES: LWRs partner, CDMRN will:

" Promote food security through establishment of local credit cooperatives involving 2000 women in 25 villages.

" Protect and restore the environment by reforesting 35 hectares in 70 villages and purchasing 21,875 plants for distribution.

" Reinforce the capacity of village organizations by providing leadership training for 420 local leaders.

" Reinforce CDMRNs own capacity by covering some administrative costs and providing technical training for its agents.

Total Project Support: $869,582 through 2003.

Hunger Projects : Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo and Uganda.

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