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As Stand With Africa enters its second year, the issue of hunger is added to the campaign. Along with HIV/AIDS projects, Stand With Africa supports projects related to hunger as the second component in working with African churches and communities to produce enough food to eat and sell and stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Growing prosperity in northern African countries contrasts sharply with the dire economic conditions of most African countries. Of 40 nations identified as Heavily Indebted Poor Countries by the World Bank, 32 are in Africa. Increasing desertification, natural disasters and mismanagement of natural resources compound the conditions of poverty. Despite political independence gained 40 years ago, Africa remains marginalized by the forces of globalizations, national debt and galloping technological development in the North.

In contrast to this bleak picture, the campaign will build on a solid record of progressive community programs that address food security and motivate self-help at the local level. Campaign initiatives will also work to expand fair trade opportunities for small producers.

Campaign priorities addressing hunger:

" Promote projects that improve food security, create income generating activities, and increase capacity building with a special emphasis on the empowerment of women.

" Expand current programs of faith-based action for fair trade at the national and international level.

" Advocate for continued debt relief and monitors its implementation and accountability to civil society.

For more information on Stand With Africa hunger projects, please click here.


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A new video that demonstrates how Stand With Africa works with local organizations in East Africa to improve peoples’ lives.

"The Jewels of Katosi"
In August 2002, LCMS World Relief Communications Manager Greg Koenig
participated in a Lutheran World Relief study tour to Kenya and Uganda
in conjunction with the inter-Lutheran Stand With Africa campaign.

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