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Summaries of HUNGER PROJECTS in Africa
Working with ELCA World Hunger Program Partners.

SenegalLinguere Animal Husbandry.

Partners: ELCA and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Senegal.


Organize an animal health and production project with the Fulbe herders in the area. The two main aspects of this work involve increasing dry season milk production and further developing the animal health program with village veterinary pharmacies. Women own the milk, as well as the proceeds from the milk they sell, so it is hoped that this project will improve the family standard of living. Higher productivity per animal (and intensification of inputs) should, in the long run, lead to a decrease in total animal numbers, which is very necessary in light of present land degradation problems.



" Assist the Programme National de Vulgarization Agricole with their extension efforts aimed at intensification of livestock production in the region. This is a process, which is urgently necessary in light of ever increasing land and environmental pressure caused by growth in both animal and human populations.

" Evaluate at long term, the effects of the techniques, which are being promotednot only in terms of animal production and reproduction, but also with regards to family living standards.

" Incorporate women into the extension effort, as milk is traditionally their domain.

" Improve family nutritional levels by increasing milk supply and income.

" Raise the standard of living through increased milk sales.


" Train herders in prevention, treatment and diagnosis of the most common maladies affecting their livestock.

" Improve the supply and affordability of veterinary products and animal feedstuffs.

" Provide a source of income for other villagers.

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Hunger Projects : Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo and Uganda.

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