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Summaries of HUNGER PROJECTS in Africa
Working with ELCA World Hunger Program Partners

TanzaniaFish Farming Project.

Partners: ELCA and Evangelical Church In Tanzania.


Most Tanzanians live at a subsistence level because of high prices and low incomes. Statistics indicate that only 20 percent of the income necessary for living is provided by ones primary job. Everyone must supplement his or her wage.

Fish farming is easily taught and ponds can be dug in individuals or groups (schools and churches). Since tilapia grow quickly, the fruits of the labor are soon realized.

There are now 500 fishponds around Babati, the area where the project began, and over 6,000 throughout Tanzania. There are numerous stories of groups that have sent a representative to a seminar, then requested such a workshop in their own area, and have subsequently dug many ponds.

One-third of the ninety motivators who have been trained are Muslim. The people know the project has been initiated by the ELCT, and see the church as caring for the poor of all religious persuasions. One of the motivators has received special agriculture training in the Philippines in preparation for coordinating the fish farming outreach program. Another has taken a course at Auburn University in New York.

When some of the fish farmers children showed sign of malnutrition, it became evident that the project needed to expand to include workshops on nutrition, preparation of fish, and child health. Bread for the World in Germany provided funds to build the Integrated Agriculture Training Center at Darede, which specializes in agricultural seminars and research, forestry and conservation, nutrition and health. With four permanent staff members at the center, all of them Tanzanian, and a host of motivators, it is evident that the ELCAs Division for Global Missions leadership development priorities are being met.

The project has expanded from teaching individuals to developing a core of 90 motivators, 23 supervisors, and four coordinators. At the request of a number of other dioceses, fish farming seminars have been held in various parts of the country. A fish farming manual in both English and Swahili has been produced.


" To improve family nutrition.

" To increase family income.

" To foster a sense of self-worth and ability to enhance ones economic destiny.

" To multiply the project countrywide by developing local leadership.

" To train Tanzanian leadership to direct the project.

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