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Summaries of HUNGER PROJECTS in Africa
Working with LCMS World Relief Partners

Dapaong: CORAE/ALPHA Agriculture/Literacy program.

Partners: LCMS World Relief and the LCMS Togo Mission Team.

GOAL: This is a two-pronged program involving agriculture and literacy with related goals. Participants receive a sack of fertilizer, learn new farming techniques and attend training sessions for the purpose of increasing their farming capabilities. At harvest a sack of corn will be donated to the church for each sack of fertilizer that was distributed. Proceeds from the sale of this corn will be used to provide additional fertilizer for future participants and also support the church leadership.


" Enhance farming and ranching abilities of the Gurmantche people group to better support their families, their churches and their communities.

" Promote and encourage participants from the initial literacy classes to share experiences in group classes to expand and learn additional agriculture methods, composting, budgeting and investing.

" Formation of co-ops to utilize new farming methods, increase literacy of participants and support the local church.

Approved Project Support: $16,000 through 2003.

Hunger Projects : Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.


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