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Summaries of HUNGER PROJECTS in Africa
Working with LWR Partners

UgandaEnhancing Womens Capacity to Compete in the Fish Trade in Mukono District

Partners: LWR and Katosi Women Fishing and Development Association (KWFDA)

For the women of Katosi, Uganda, fishing is their principal economic activity. But access to lucrative lake fishing grounds is subject to intense competition. In the male dominated industry, women also lack collective bargaining power and direct market outlets leaving them dependent upon middle men to whom they must sell fish at cartel dictated prices.

GOAL: To build sustainable livelihoods among the participating women and their families, promote gender equity, particularly in the fishing trade in the region and strengthen the capacity of KWFDA to act as an effective agent for advocacy and development..

OBJECTIVES: LWRs partner, KWFDA, will:

" Develop a two-year strategic plan which will guide KWFDAs institutional development and capacity building processes and the achievement of project objectives.

" Conduct a comprehensive gender survey on the socio-economic practices in the local fishing industry and their impacts on women operators.

" Develop and implement advocacy and lobbying strategies to eliminate barriers to womens profitable participation in fishing trade.

" Develop and implement a business skills training program for members that addresses improved handling and marketing of fish, costing and pricing and financial management.

" Put in place an efficient fish preservation system using cool storage equipment with a goal to reduce loss of fish to almost zero.

" Establish a cooperative for fish marketing and collective price controls.

Total Project Support: $38,431.20 through 2003.

Hunger Projects : Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sudan, Togo and Tanzania.

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