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KenyaFarming Systems Kenya

Nakuru, Kenya, is where Jane and Zacharia Waititu live and make their livelihood farming. Many years ago Zacharia learned about Farming Systems Kenya, a Lutheran World Relief partner since 1987, and of the benefits his neighbor received from the project. In 1989 Waititu joined the other members of FSK and learned diary management. When his training was completed, he received a heifer to raise as part of a loan through the assistance of LWR. After one year, Zacharia repaid the loan by passing along a newborn calf to the project. Today, Zacharia and his family are successful farmers and landlords due to Zacharias initial contact with FSK.

The Waititu family has benefited greatly from their association with FSK. Zacharia was able to sell another heifer and purchase sheep that multiplied to a flock of 38. Then he sold the sheep, a bull and another heifer. From the proceeds of that sale, he bought a house and rents rooms in it to other villagers. Along with his wife, Jane, and son, Ngugi, Zacharia also grows cabbage to sell at a local market. The three Watitus share equally in the income they receive from these enterprises.

These entrepreneurs hope to construct a dam and harvest water as their next project. Water and a pump will enable them to grow more diversified crops that will get them better prices at market.

According to this farmer, its a million thanks to FSK and its partner, LWR. They have been effective in helping needy farmers of the region. Thank God for Farming Systems Kenya and Lutheran World Relief, he says.

FSK is an indigenous NGO formed in 1981 through the initiative of the Nakuru Region Lay Fellowship of Africa Inland Church Nakuru region. FSKs mission is to provide technical, financial, marketing support, and research backup to agriculturally based rural communities in a bide to help them achieve household food security and improved household incomes. This is achieved by providing comprehensive training, seasonal credit, clinical services, marketing advisory services, farmer based research and community mobilization.


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