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East AfricaHIV/AIDS Education and Prevention

Partners: LWR and Operation Crossroads Africa

Some 23 million people, or more than 70 percent of the worlds carriers of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, live in Africa. In 1999, 3.5 million people acquired the virus. But countries like Uganda have found that public education campaigns do make a difference in checking the diseases advance.

GOAL: Support efforts to significantly reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in East Africa through public education programs that focus on young people and to provide services in basic health education to families living in poor communities.

LWRs partner, Operation Crossroads Africa, had volunteersyoung people from the United Statesworking with local church-affiliated health care providers and schools in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda helping conduct this program. This occurred in the summer of 2000.

" Conduct HIV/AIDS awareness programs in schools in western Kenya, near Lake Victoria.

" Give health education talks to students in schools near mission hospitals in southwest Kenya.

" Assist teachers in ten schools for AIDS orphans in northwest Tanzania.

" Conduct health education programs in the area surrounding a health post and a hospital run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania in northwest Tanzania.

As a result of these activities, more than 5,000 people were served.

Approved project Support: $20,000

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