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MaliConsolidating Development, Baramondougou

Partners: LWR and Groupe de Recherché-Actions pour le Development (GRAD: Research and Action for Development Group)

The farming communities in the Baramondougou area of Mali face a harsh climate with inadequate resources. The communities suffer from poverty, illiteracy, epidemics, and loss of population to the cities.

GOAL: To facilitate sustainable economic growth in the Baramandougou area by increasing agricultural productivity and production and by enhancing the viability and accountability of the community institutions which manage public goods and services.

OBJECTIVES: LWRs partner, GRAD will:

" Strengthen the health information and education systems. Make women and men aware of health care problems and AIDS.

" Strengthen village institutions by improving and/or transferring organizational skill locally.

" Improve food security by promoting careful management of natural resources. (cultivation of farm fields, creation of cereal banks)

" Promote income-generating activities in order to improve the local standard of living, especially for women.

" In a previous project in this area, GRAD successfully implemented cereal banking, tree planting, literacy programs, and health education in 10 villages.

Approved Project Support: $146,499 through 2002.

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