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Like a brush fire burning out of control, AIDS is scorching western Kenya. But the flames are mostly hidden&until one enters a home. Pamfil Wabwire, left, is a 29-year-old father of three. He used to be a farmer and drive a bicycle taxi. Now he spends most of the day sitting, too weak for anything else. He has known for almost a year that he has AIDS. The diseases that are most likely to kill himTB, malaria, diarrheaalready threaten.

His wife Florence, below, does not know if she or her children have the virus. She says she lives from Gods mercy, is thankful that she is well and works hard each day.
How will this household withstand AIDS?

Florence and Pamfils mother Lona take care of the family. They know that a balanced diet is critical for Pamfiland for all of thembut must rely on whatever they can grow in the gardens around the house. Lona has received a small loan with help from Lutheran World Relief. She uses the money to buy and sell fish. Her tiny profit is now the households main source of cash of which most goes for basic medicines at a local village pharmacy.

The pharmacy and the volunteer counselors that work out of it are also supported by LWR. Thanks to Florence and Lona, no one else in this household is likely to contract HIV. But if Florence already has it, chances are that one-year-old Willis has it too. If things get worse, Stand With Africa also supports self-help groups of widows, orphans and guardians in their area.

But much more can be done. The Wabwires need good nutrition, medical care, counseling and a better livelihood. They cannot stand alone. Neither can countless other African households being ravaged by this fire.
Stand With Africa
supports community groups and churches struggling to extinguish the flames.

Through Stand With Africa you can help.