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SenegalHelping Communities Respond to the HIV Epidemic Through a Resource Training and Support Center

Partners: LWR and Africa Consultants International

In 1997 when LWR started this project with ACI the HIV-positive rate in Senegal was increasing. Today the rate is believed to be 1.4 percent. Senegal is considered a success story in the fight against AIDS.

GOAL: To help communities respond to the HIV epidemic through strengthening ACI as a regional training, support, and resource center.

OBJECTIVES: LWRs partner, Africa Consultants International will:

" Help communities develop culturally appropriate strategies and resource materials to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

" Allow partners to benefit for ACIs expanded ability to provide HIV awareness, involvement training and follow-up for community opinion leaders, key members of NGOs and associations, and other community members with multiplier effect on HIV awareness and prevention.

" Make pertinent, timely information available to those involved in developing culturally appropriate community strategies to the epidemic by supporting and expanding ACIs HIV/AIDS Documentation Center.

" Promote networking, partnerships, and the exchange of information and skills among organizations engaged in HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and care.

Approved Project Support: $547,285 through 2000.
Currently considering additional funding to this program.

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