HIV Virus

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Posted by on September 06, 2002 at 15:29:49:

In 1989 a relative called me with demands that I better get an AIDS test she knew I had it she saw it in the paper the state was putting me awayfor life. I was forced into AIDS testing it was negative. I have a whole lot more now bruises, mutilated genitilia so do my kids have over slander. I learned it is curable I met a very young man age 20 had HIV he attempted suicide 9 times there is a sustainable cure available since 1994. The drugs are working . What I had was acne Dr. Chanda did the tests Dr. hammond in Indian haarbour Beach, FL. I had one husband and one partner.
Im diabetic and she did not see my name in the newspaper neither did cops or HRS or this state attorney see it in the paper, NOrman Wolfinger my genitilia is a mess anyway badly bruises and tore up skinned up badly and amputated our home was blown up over the idea of it all. Cureable same category as salmonella virus, leukemia, shingles also called a string of a virus. I always thought it was manmade I got into Virtual computer systems number of RADS injected in prisoners come into contact with any like Gary Reeb capitol offender new york Brent Zellers California have had hundreds of partners Warren Briggs sick capitol very sick sex criminals they g9ot around i the United States. Were injected in prisons and mental institutions resluts were hepatitis a b c it was public information by corrections department.

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